My (Continuing) Obituary for the Impossible


How many of us actually believe we can do anything if we set our minds to it?

I never thought I’d be a poet. I also never thought I’d be stronger at forty-one years old, after having two children, than I was in my 20’s. That doesn’t mean that any of it is easy — but I believe it’s worth it.

What is easy is for me to say to myself, “I can’t do that.” But my two kids are a great reminder that we are often much more capable than we think we are. If I want my kids to believe they can do anything… I need to believe it too.

For eight weeks I participated in the Orange Theory Fitness Transformation Challenge. I worked out three to five times a week and used to track my calories and nutrition.

This wasn’t about weight loss. For me, this was about having goals, getting strong, and taking care of myself. I did lose sixteen pounds… but I gained confidence, the ability to do more than one power pushup, and a routine that is working for me (and that is often fun).

Here is my yelp review of OTF if you want to read more about why I love it:

And here are the results:


Poets Reading the News published this poem about a year ago. It draws inspiration from the first graduation of women from U.S. army infantry training. When something seems impossible, I often think about their strength and resilience!

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