The McPoem

The “McPoem” — It’s the term Donald Hall used to describe the kind of hastily written poems wrapped and delivered by the bagful from MFA workshops across the country. These poems might be generic; but they can also be fast, easy, and sometimes taste really, really good.

What I like most about the McPoem is that everyone can “get it.”  You don’t have to

“tie the poem to a chair with rope
and torture a confession out of it”
(from “Introduction to Poetry” by Billy Collins)
Shorter poems that are fun AND enjoyable? Sign me up! I need more of those in my life!
Poet Ronald Wallace has written a fantastic poem on the “McPoem” called “The McPoem”:
Shortly before Donald Hall’s passing, I finished an MFA at CSU Long Beach. Here is my essay “In Defense of the McPoem” as published by catheXis northwest press:

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