All That Wasted Fruit


Arminé Iknadossian’s debut collection of poetry, All That Wasted Fruit, is an incredible, feminist, gorgeous work of art.

Writing book reviews is hard work, but there is nothing quite like it… a first reading, a second, a third; the time spent thinking about the poems, how they are connected, how they whisper things about their creator that are easy to miss; the struggle with finding exactly the words to use to describe the experience of the book; and the realization, after the writing, how the book has changed you in some way, how this couldn’t have happened as thoroughly if you hadn’t written about the book, how you have eaten the fruit of it thoroughly and thoughtfully, wasting as little as possible.

A line from my review reads, “Yes, fruit has been wasted. Yes, even you will die. Yes, women have been marginalized – and yet we are here now, alive and writing.”

What lucky beings we are! Read my full review of Iknadossian’s book here, and please consider subscribing to Cultural Weekly — It’s fabulous and free:

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