At the Table of the Unknown

sample cover

My first collection is available from Moon Tide Press. The cover comes from the amazing artist Angie Rehnberg. You can find more of her work here:

Here is what Los Angeles poet Suzanne Lummis had to say about the book:

“…the world as unpeeled orange” — the phrase shows up early in Alexandra Umlas’s lovely debut collection, and that brightness, promise and, also, sense of uneasy vulnerability, resonate through the pages that follow.  A world as savory gift, a world laced with danger and trip-wired with tiny explosions, actual or threatened — they constitute the same world. And, though someone might suppose these poems rise from the environment of an “ordinary” life, in fact they stand as proof there is no such thing as an ordinary life, certainly not when shaped by this poet’s technical skill and embracing moral consciousness.

—Suzanne Lummis, author of Open 24 Hours

The book is available on Amazon: At the Table of the Unknown on Amazon

Or, directly from Moon Tide Press: At the Table of the Unknown on Moon Tide Press


  1. Really enjoyed your reading and commentary on the recent Rattlecast. Bought your book, as a result. Am wowed by it from the wonderful introduction and poem within it to every poem I’ve read thus far. Such a great book of poems. Thank you!

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